Whitening your teeth can really brighten your smile. We offer two systems for bleaching teeth. One system we fabricate custom bleach trays that you can wear in the comfort of your home. This takes a week or two and great results can be expected. The other system we us is an in office bleaching called Spa-dent. ( The Spa-dent whitening process provides the maximum whitening benefit, in the least amount of time with virtually no sensitivity. The revolutionary gel formulation is placed in dual arch mouth trays with the precise dosage of whitening material. The unique blue and red LED light activates the gel, providing powerful whitening with cellular stimulation. Hydroxyl radicals penetrate the tooth enamel to break down stains into progressively smaller particles. This process will penetrate but not harm or damage the tooth enamel, including caps, crowns and veneers. The effect whitens the whole “smile” area of a patient’s teeth.